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50 Cent Confirms New Album Is Coming This Autumn

50 Cent revealed recently that he is releasing new music this September. The rapper, actor, producer and businessman has said in a new interview that he plans to share his first new record in seven years.

The rapper revealed this in response to the rumours about his long-awaited album. He told a portal, The Independent that the original version is not being released but he is releasing new music this September. He has also confirmed that Eminem will not be featuring on the upcoming record.

Eminem and 50 Cent have a strong association because Eminem was the one who discovered him and signed him to Slim Shady records. 50 Cent revealed that he did not finish the tracks with him as he referred to sketches of songwriting the duo did together.

The rapper said, “I’m not gonna tell who’s on it because I’m the most exciting person.” He also talked about the accusations of homophobia hits hard. His past offensive language was referenced in the conversation. The rapper shared that it could have been attributed to 90s gangsta rap’s hypermasculine culture.

He added that he features as a gay character, Laverne Ganner in the new Power spinoff Power Book III. The rapper revealed that he did so to honour his late mother’s identity. He said, “Cos of my mom. She was like that. She had a girlfriend around. These are things that feel like they’re going into the story organically, [so] it works.”

The Independent added that 50 Cent supported gay marriage during Barack Obama’s presidency. He also supported Frank Ocean when the artist came out in 2012. Power Book III: Raising Kanan, meanwhile, premieres tomorrow (July 18) on Starz Play (via Amazon Prime in the UK).

Are you ready for 50 Cent’s new album? Let us know in the comments which are your favourite 50 cent songs so far.

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