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50 Cent Claims He Doesn’t Like Trump After Endorsement

Chelsea Handler did her best to convince her ex-boyfriend, 50 Cent to not vote for Donald Trump.

The rapper seemed to have seen Chelsea’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She even implied that she might be willing to sleep with him for him to change his mind.

Chelsea told Jimmy that 50 Cent does not want to pay 62% taxes because he doesn’t want to go from “50 Cent to 20 Cent”. She said that she had to remind the rapper that he was a black person so he does not vote for Trump. The comedian said he should not be influencing a number of people who may listen to him because he is worried about his personal pocketbook.

50 Cent responded to Chelsea’s segment and said, “What, another spin? F*** Donald Trump, I never liked him. For all, I know he had me set up and had my friend Angel Fernandez killed but that’s history. LOL!” The talk show host responded to the rapper’s tweet and asked him to call her on the same number.

She even asks the Grammy-winner if his tweet meant that we can count on him to vote for Joe Biden. And she further urged that she will be happy to discuss that with him privately. Chelsea also offered to pay the rapper’s taxes.

Later that same day, the talk show host addressed the Trump supporters who were commenting on her posts, accusing her of being racist. She posted an Instagram story and reminded critics that they are supporting a president who refuses to say the words, “Black Lives Matter”.

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Chelsea continued, “So you better believe I’m going to reach out to my ex-boyfriend when I find out that he says that he’s supporting that guy. You better believe I’m going to try to get a better understanding of how he could possibly think that we could vote for somebody who refuses to say the sentence ‘black lives matter’.”

50 cent has only endorsed Hillary Clinton back in 2016 and George W. Bush in 2005. The rapper also endorsed Trump on Monday as he tweeted, “VOTE for TRUMP’. His support comes after Biden revealed that he might tax New York City residents earning over $400k a year, 62%.

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