22-Year Old Entrepreneur Hrutul Patel Inspires People From Different Fields With His 100 Day Idea Challenge

The most important quality of any entrepreneur is his creative skills. The way they implement and execute new innovations in the business is what matters the most. At the onset of this year, a 22-year old entrepreneur named Hrutul Patel took up the 100 Day Idea Challenge which he initiated on January 1, 2020. The main aim of this challenge was to share ideas for hundred days by creating one-minute English videos on Instagram and Linkedin and Hindi videos on TikTok. The videos basically gave an insight into the business problems and how to solve them strategically. To highlight one of his ideas that had been a talking point was establishing a chain of cafes at different locations with different themes. For instance, every day could be a different day at the cafe. He further explained by stating that Monday could be for tech guys, Tuesday for designers, Friday for movie buffs and so on.

To simplify it, he created a series of ideas and presented it in his blogs. While Idea 11 was an open playground for one and all, the Idea 22 laid emphasis on sustainable coffee cups. With a wider vision, Hrutul wants to integrate his ideas with technology and wants to take it on a completely new level. One of his most important ideas was a feature in a smartwatch which talked about the solutions to the universal bad habit of people constantly looking at the phone screens. In his idea, he explained that every time a person took out the phone from the pocket, the smartwatch would show the number of times a user tapped on the phone screens which would help the user to reduce the screen time. In another video, he also explained how the blue tick on WhatsApp has become very overrated in recent time.

Throwing light on the need for the digital change, Hrutul also stated in Idea 38 and 39 how digital medium will become important in each and every industry. Speaking about it, he said, “When you shop online, an e-commerce website or app connected to your Facebook account collects information about you, your location and other preferences after which the suggestions pop out on your timeline. That is the power of recommendation through machine learning which reflects on the Facebook page.” With so many ideas already, Hrutul Patel has motivated many artists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, engineers, writers and influencers to share their ideas on social media. His main motto behind this challenge is to bring out the creativeness from every individual and let them share their ideas on the digital domain.