10 Unpopular Opinions About The Harry Potter Epilogue, According To Reddit

10 Unpopular Opinions About The Harry Potter Epilogue, According To Reddit

The Harry Potter epilogue allows readers a chance to witness what happened to their favourite characters after seven years of magic; war, and absolute destruction. Harry, Ron, and Hermione have all grown up since their battles with Voldemort. They are now, settled adults with full-time careers and children after 19 years.

However, not everyone is pleased with how their lives have turned out. Fans of Reddit have expressed their displeasure with JK Rowling’s conclusion.

Harry Shouldn’t Have Become An Auror

Harry’s path has been fixed in stone for years. As the Chosen One, he is destined to fight – and either kill or be killed by – Lord Voldemort, according to the prophecy. From an early age, this entails plenty of conflict, misery, and suffering.

This is why Redditor cloud empress believes it’s improbable that he’d voluntarily become an Auror. Although Harry has expressed interest in this since he was a child, they feel that by the end of Deathly Hallows; he is tired of battling and would prefer a life of relative calm; maybe as a professional Quidditch player or a professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts. This is acceptable; but Harry’s infamous ‘saving people thing’ would almost certainly continue to play a part after the war.

The Relationships Aren’t Realistic

When Harry, Ron, and Hermione arrive at Platform Nine and Three Quarters to drop off their children; it is discovered that they have all stayed with their high school sweethearts. After the war, Ron and Hermione married, and Harry reconnected with Ginny.

This is completely unrealistic for snowkat69. They believe that the chances of both spouses surviving, in the long run, are quite slim. What this doesn’t account for, however, is the fact that, as a result of the conflict; they all bonded on a much deeper level than the ordinary adolescent, putting them on a path to higher long-term success.

Draco Malfoy Should’ve Been Forgiven

Draco Malfoy’s journey is one of the most intriguing in Harry Potter. From arrogant bully to hesitant Death Eater, he concludes the series with Harry, Ron, and Hermione on Platform Nine and Three Quarters. They don’t say anything, but he gives them a brief nod; Ron advises his daughter to stay away from him.

The lack of any sort of redemption narrative is what irritates snowkat69 about this. Malfoy is just as aloof at the end of the series as he was at the beginning. It would have been a strong message of tolerance and acceptance to have Malfoy move from villain to hero in the climax; but there was probably too much bad blood for the trio to become more than acquaintances.

It Destroys The Deathly Hallows Catharsis

Deathly Hallows has so much going on that the producers had no choice but to split the plot in two. It must wrap up everyone’s tales while also following Harry’s torturous journey to fulfil the prophecy and put Lord Voldemort to rest once and for all.

It’s a task that the novel rises to admirably, and the epilogue serves as a reminder that things will get better one day, even after all of the suffering. However, nudelete believes that the story should have concluded sooner. They argue that after Harry defeats Voldemort and reunites with his companions, there is enough catharsis to conclude the series satisfactorily without adding a “forced” or “flimsy” chapter at the end.

Ron And Hermione Are Toxic

Ron and Hermione are the Harry Potter series’ will-they-won’t-they coupling. Their arguing, which dates back to their early teenage years, reveals something more than friendship. Later instalments build on the tension until they kiss in the middle of a fight in Deathly Hallows – and end up married with children in the epilogue.

Redditor omnenomnon believes it would not have gone as planned. They believe Ron and Hermione exhibit toxic habits and reactions that would make their partnership unworkable in the long run; especially if they had children. The couple does have problems, but they’re not so terrible that they can’t be resolved with some serious thought; – and, as Rowling suggested to Wonderland, couples counselling.

The Next Generation Have Bad Names

The offspring of Harry and Ginny have well-known names. All three characters, James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna, are named after prominent; – or, in the case of Albus Severus, contentious – persons in Harry’s life; and they appear to be named after them to preserve their legacies.

This, however, is incomprehensible to midnight_riddle. According to them, the names sound more like characters from a fan fiction storey than realistic people from the next generation. While it’s fair that Harry would wish to pay tribute to those who didn’t get to see him enjoy a regular life; it’s odd that he bestows such significant birthrights to his offspring.

Ron Lost All Of His Empathy

Although he is Harry’s best friend, Ron is not without flaws. He can be caustic, insensitive, and envious at times; but he grows up as the book progresses. He consistently demonstrates compassion, loyalty, and horror at the thought of wizards harming Muggles or Muggle-borns.

The Ron fans who meet in the epilogue are mostly the same, although bluetaffy thinks he’s lost all empathy. The fact that he bewitched a Muggle to get his driver’s licence is a little out of character; and it could indicate that he’s become less bothered over time.

It Ignores The Wizarding War’s Consequences

Characters go through a tremendous amount of trauma throughout the wizarding war. Over the years, Harry, Ron, and Hermione have lost numerous friends, family members, and loved ones; as well as being tortured, terrorised, and under the strain of saving the entire world at such a young age.

The epilogue, according to RainbowTotties, implies that once the battle is over, everything will be good – bizarrely fine. There’s no mention of the aftermath, whether it’s PTSD, mental health difficulties, or even the efforts to rebuild. Everyone is bound to struggle, but they have had 19 years to get back on their feet.

Harry And Hermione Should Have Got Together

Harry and Hermione have been friends since their first year at Hogwarts; and their friendship has only grown stronger over time. They spend months alone in Deathly Hallows, looking for Horcruxes in an experience that no one else; including Ron, could really comprehend.

Despite the fact that they didn’t become romantically involved as a result of this; Redditor StrawberryR believes they should have ended up together. There’s a case to be made that Harry and Hermione are soulmates; but even Harry admits that he’s always thought of her as a sister, and nothing can change that.

Prejudice Against Slytherin Should Not Exist

After James taunts him about being sorted into Slytherin, Albus Severus Potter tells his father about his worries about being sorted into Slytherin. Harry reassures his kid by promising that the Sorting Hat considers his preferences; just as it did for him, but that being placed in Slytherin isn’t a bad thing.

This is a sign to 360Saturn that things in the wizarding realm are still not so great. They would have opposed anti-Slytherin sentiment; just as they attacked Voldemort’s concept of blood purity; if they were truly devoted to combating discrimination and prejudice. At the very least, Harry would have made certain that his own children were not affected. This is an excellent statement, but the problems in wizarding society have always been more widespread than You Know Who.

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