Zoe Laverne Faces Backlash For Charging $15 To See Pictures Of Her Baby

Zoe Laverne is facing backlash after the birth of her baby. The influencer had announced her pregnancy and engagement to her boyfriend, Dawson Day in May.

She has been in the news ever since she kissed a 13-year-old fan when she was 19 years old. As per the internet, she was then branded as a paedophile as they accused her of “grooming” the youngster. Ever since that incident, she has taken a break from her online life to check in to the hospital for mental health struggles.

Zoe had quit social media, however, she came back with her new boyfriend and he would eventually become the father of their child. The TikTok star had posted on Instagram that she delivered her baby girl, Emersyn. In the picture, we could see Zoe taking a selfie along with her fiance, Dawson Day.

The new parents were in a hospital room as we could only see a glimpse of the baby in the frame. Many followers congratulated her, however, others were extremely disappointed as she had introduced a paywall for fans to receive “exclusive” photos of her newborn. They were asked to pay $15 to see the first photos of the stars and their child together.

User @defnoodles reposted it and the comments were enough to understand where the viewers stood. A user said, “This feels illegal.” While another said, “It should be illegal to exploit your children. Japan is doing something right.” Zoe did defend herself after getting backlash as she posted two stories.

She was, in turn, accusing users of talking badly about a newborn. The influencer wrote, “y’all seriously mad she’s here? jealous over a baby? some of y’all are going no where in life LMAO”. Zoe had a strongly worded responded and made it seem like she would stand by her actions. However, she deleted the paywall and released pictures of her baby on social media.


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