Zendaya Reaction After Tom Holland Says He Wants To Start A Family

The much-awaited confirmation from Spider-Man Couple went public, confessing love for each other. After Four months Tom Holland and Zendaya went public with their relationship. Soon after this the couple is making several headlines, to which fans are reacting. Recently, Tom Holland expressed his wish to start a family. Now ,we have a reaction from Zendaya.

In an interview with People, actor Tom Holland admitted that he’s looking forward to having kids of his own someday. Causing many to wonder if those familial plans would include his current girlfriend, Zendaya. “While Zendaya isn’t quite ready to have children, she isn’t giving up on the notion of getting married. Also, yes, she is madly in love with Tom, ” exclusively revealed.

“Although they were not photographed kissing until July, their interest in each started before that. They didn’t want to make it a thing while filming Spiderman (or doing reshoots) because they did not want it to affect production in any way”. Tom may want to wait for little ones, but he still seems incredibly dedicated to his girlfriend Zendaya. 

The source went on to share how hard the actress has worked “over the last decade,” which is why career may be the main focus of the moment. “She feels she is finally starting to be recognized for her talent and hard work [and] just getting started and Tom supports her in every way possible. He would never try to stand in the way of her dreams”.

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.

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