Zak Crawley On What Went Wrong For Him In This Year's Summer

Zak Crawley On What Went Wrong For Him In This Year’s Summer

England’s summer of test cricket ended earlier this month. They secured a 2-1 win over South Africa and managed to reach six test wins, the same as in 2004. England’s largely successful summer is more due to the appointment of a new captain and a new head coach. However, while England might have secured these crucial six test wins, there’s still a department they are lacking behind.

England have failed to find a reliable opener ever since Andrew Strauss retired from the format over a decade ago. Alaister Cook kept one end steady. But as soon as Cook retired, the flaw was exploited by the opposition. England have tried a number of opening batsmen, but no one has managed to cement their position. Zak Crawley is one among those names. Crawley didn’t have the best of summers, to put it moderately. He averaged 23 at the end of the South Africa test series. He has often given away his wicket cheaply.

Also, there’s a lot of competition for the slot of an opener, with Ben Duckett and Keaton Jennings constantly knocking on the doors of the selectors. Brendon McCullum has backed Crawley publicly a number of times, but Crawley must now make the most of his chances. Crawley revealed in an interview what went wrong for him, and how failure has taught him some crucial lessons. 

Crawley Says Batting Is More Of A ‘Mindset Thing’

“I’ve learned an awful lot – mainly what not to do. Having had some time to adjust since that last Test knock on September 12 – he only started hitting balls again a couple of days ago – he can reflect more honestly on the missteps. When I was out of nick, I was putting restrictions on where I could score,” he admits. “I was getting more and more negative, in my shell.

It might not have come across like that in some of the shots I was playing,” he laughed. “But I find when I’m negative, I don’t move my feet very well, I’m not moving my body, so it comes across as loose shots. When I’m moving well, I’m getting in good positions and hitting those balls for four. It’s more of a mindset thing and positivity thing and stuff around my practice as well that I got slightly wrong as well, I feel.”

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