Zaira Wasim defends herself, says that her tweet was blown out of proportion News

Zaira Wasim defends herself, says that her tweet was blown out of proportion

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Time icon June 2, 2020

Former Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim had earlier deactivated her social media accounts after she was trolling for sharing a verse on locust attack!

It was on last Thursday when the former actress Zaira Wasim had shared a verse from Quran which was about locust attack. Her tweet was soon related to the current scenario and people started trolling her. The young girl had even deactivated her social media accounts for a day.

Now she has responded to a Canadian journalist defending herself. As a part of her long note, she wrote, “While I too agree making claims like ‘this is wrath or a curse’ when the world is going through so much is a really insensitive one. I wish to also emphasise that making a claim on our own as big as It’s a wrath or curse of Allah upon any land* is a statement one is making on behalf of Allah, which is actually a religiously irresponsible one. And a sin and also a claim I never made, let alone mock anyone.”

Zaira also added that her tweet was taken out of context as she wrote, “My tweet was completely taken out of context and blown out of proportion. And none of the opinion, whether good or bad, define the reality of my intentions. For that is between me and My Rabb, and something which I’m not even going to explain. For I’m only accountable to Allah and not His creation.”

She ended her note saying that she is not an actress anymore. This came in response to the journalist’s tweet as he had addressed her as ‘Indian Muslim actress’.

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