YouTuber Airrack Strands Himself On An Island Until He Hits 1M Subs – Save Airrack

YouTube Star ‘airrack’, wildly known for his crazy and epic style viral videos has given us the biggest surprise of the year! It’s a combo of thrill, adventure, danger and excitement.

YouTuber ‘airrack’ has deserted himself on an Island. He is not coming out until he hits 1 Million subscribers. As I write this story, the live count is at 912k subs.

Viral Livestream

Airrack is currently conducting a livestream on the Island along with the survival helper who will be assisting him in case of emergency.

Airrack is constantly engaging with the audience via the live chat and even phone calls. You need a free shoutout, then you gotta ‘Save Airrack’

The sunny Island isn’t giving him a good time but well, it’s one of his next viral videos.

Massive Gifts

Following are the gifts Airrack is offering to anyone who refers his channel to a potential new subscriber. And oh boy, it really is exciting.

– 5 Subscribers referred = Handwritten Thank You letter from Airrack

– 10 subscribers referred = All previous prizes + Win a Free “Here Before 1M Subs” Airrack Sticker

– 25 subscribers referred = All previous prizes + Your name featured on screen in my 1M Subs celebration video

– 50 subscribers referred = All previous prizes + First 100 to get 50 subs will win a FaceTime with Airrack

– 100 subscribers referred = All previous prizes + Entered to win Air Pod Pros – 500 subscribers referred = All previous prizes + Entered to win a PS5

– 1000 subscribers referred = All previous prizes + Entered to win a $1000 cash prize

– Person with highest subscribers referred by January 1st. = Collab on a 2021 Airrack video + Gets to put tattoo of choice on Airrack.

Savir Airrack

Who is Airrack on YouTube? - Teen Blurb

Help Airrack get to 1,000,000 subs on youtube or we may never get him off this island. The website can help you enter loads of exciting gift giveaways mentioned above. All you have to do is answer in ‘Yes’ Or No’ about a simple question that asks: Have you subscribed to Airrack and then you can enter your phone number and get your personal link to refer.

More About Airrack

Eric Decker best known by his “influencer” name, Airrack is a viral content creator known for his “couch series” collaboration with Logan Paul. Airrack was born in the United States on 12 January 1997. His current age is 23 and his full name is Eric Decker. 

He opened his YouTube channel on 3 January 2015 and uploaded his first public video on 14 June 2016. The video was called ‘Making a Timelapse.’ His next upload came three months back, and there were no uploads of video for nearly three years. 

And today, here we are. He is on track for hitting One Million YouTube Subscribers.

Depending on the number of referrals, you are eligible for a variety of giveaways. So, what are you waiting for? Head on to the site and help Airrack get off the Island!

P.S: He has crossed 914k subs by the time I have concluded writing this piece.


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