YouTuber Airrack Sneaked Into Super Bowl 2022 Stadium But HOW?

Airrack is one of the most popular YouTubers on the planet. His videos never fail to amaze the fans. Be it trying to escape America’s most difficult maze or hiring 100 paparazzi to convince everyone that he is a celebrity, Airrack has done it all.

In his latest YouTube video, he revealed how he managed to sneak into the Super Bowl 2022 final night which saw a clash between the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals.

‘Sneaking Into Super Bowl 2022’

Airrack holds a reputation of sneaking into some of the most high-profile events in America. He tried to do the same thing in 2021 with the Super Bowl finals but failed miserably. However, Airrack pledged that he would repeat this daring feat in 2022 and guess what? He managed to succeed this time as he snuck into the stadium!

The latest video titled ‘Sneaking Into Super Bowl 2022!’ details exactly how Airrack did it. He started out by saying ‘I am getting into the Super Bowl but it is not going to be easy. Thankfully, I have a plan’.

While the initial plan of Airrack was to get jobs at the stadium where the Super Bowl finale would be played, it didn’t really work out. Airrack started preparations a week before the Super Bowl 2022 finals. He visited the venue using undisclosed media credentials to inspect potential entry points and security measures.

The Sneaking Plan

On the day of the game, Airrack was at the Super Bowl 2022 venue with his friends. This venue is the most expensive and the most secure stadium in America. The plan of Airrack to sneak inside the stadium was simple. He took help of Apple AirTags!

Airrack decided to connect his iPhone with an AirTag and then drop the AirTag stealthily in the bag or pocket of someone who was actually going to go inside the stadium to watch the game. After luckily putting the connected AirTag in the bag of a random stranger, Airrack waited for him to enter the stadium.

Once the stranger who had the AirTag in his bag (and didn’t know about it) was inside the stadium, Airrack approached the security at the entrance and explained to them that he has lost his mobile iPhone inside the stadium, while showing then the AirTag location which indicated towards inside the game venue.

This is how Airrack managed to fool the security and get entry into the biggest sport event of the year!

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