YouTuber Airrack Hires 100 Paparazzi To Convince Everyone He Is A Celebrity News

YouTuber Airrack Hires 100 Paparazzi To Convince Everyone He Is A Celebrity

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September 29, 2021

Viral YouTuber Airrack’s content is always full of excitement and thrill! His YouTube videos never fail to surprise the fans and Airrack made sure to do it once again with his latest video.

In the start os September, Erick Decker, more famously known as Airrack hit 2 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

His latest video titled ‘What Happens If You Hire 100 Paparazzi’ is a complete package of fun, excitement, and humor.

The Warmup

Airrack begins the video by recalling the time when he was kicked out of a fancy restaurant for ‘wearing shorts’.

The YouTuber decided to take his revenge on all the top restaurants of LA by hiring a flock of paps and pretending that he is a billionaire/celebrity.

To begin with, Airrack goes into a store with just one or two paps and gets removed from the store premises because the owner said ‘no photographs allowed inside’. All in all, the prank did seem to be working a bit because people really thought Airrack was a big celebrity.

It Works

The YouTuber then gets himself lavish and expensive rock-star apparel because he says ‘if we look famous, we will be famous.’

Slowly but steadily, Airrack increased the number of paps surrounding him and with each level up, we saw greater fun and chaos in the video.

Moving ahead, there were another bunch of 25 paparazzi waiting for Airrack at the Hollywood Boulevard. The actual fun had now begun.

The Success

Even the general public started taking pictures and selfies with Airrack thinking that he was an actual movie star. One member of the public even claimed to have seen Airrack in the ‘Shrek 4 movie’. That’s hilarious!!

Even though Airrack managed to crack into the fancy restaurant, he says that ‘its lonely at the top so make sure to bring your friends with you’. Indeed a great message via a super fun, viral, and chaotic video.

Here’s the actual video:

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