Young Bucks

Young Bucks ‘Kicked Down The Door’ To Get Into CM Punk’s Locker Room 

The fallout from AEW All Out backstage brawl among CM Punk and Ace Steel, as well as Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, is still ongoing. Punk and Steel’s side of the story was reported Tuesday evening by a source. Please remember that the new version of events was only told to those near to Steel and Punk. Following the All Out post-show presser, the Bucks supposedly approached Punk’s changing room and slammed on the door.

They allegedly kicked the door down after Punk did not respond. Several sources also told the source that Omega didn’t seem nearly as upset as was initially reported. Steel’s wife was reportedly present, and he claimed that was what triggered him. Steel went so far as to bite Omega and throw chairs. According to reports, one of the thrown chairs struck Bucks guard Nick Jackson in the eye. Steel asserted he was only concerned about his wife.

According to those close to Punk, the rumours about him injuring his triceps during the melee are false. The injury is said to have occurred during Punk’s AEW World Title bout against Jon Moxley in the main show of All Out. There are rumours circulating about Punk and Steel’s future in AEW, but those close to them claim they haven’t been notified. Most AEW roster members who spoke with Source believe that if Punk and Steel aren’t let go, significant amends will be required for them to stay.

CM Punk’s signature move

While CM Punk’s signature move is the Go to Sleep, there’s nothing in the Straight Edge Mega star that creates our want to reach for a pillow or a fluffy blanket. His rejection to comply to the typical norms of what a sporting events entertainer should be has allowed him to form an unbreakable bond with the audience. 

And, because unless we forget, his notorious Pipebomb promo made wrestling history by simultaneously droppingkicking the firm in the teeth and buttocks while demanding a change to the exhausted and outmoded status quo. After a seven-year hiatus during which everyone thought he was done with wrestling, Punk came back to AEW and decided to embark on a career revival. More notably, the sport of wrestling restored his smile, which had faded into a frown by the finish of his time in the WWE.

However, he never lost his smiling face in the same way that The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels did when it happened to come time to hand out titles to opponents. Punk has done it all as a legendary and well-traveled performer, so what about the man behind the wrestler? Let’s dive into to the facts and learn more about CM Punk’s untold story.


Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.