YGNGG Rumored To Have Thai Member That Lisa of BLACKPINK Mentored

Unconfirmed details about the seven-member YG girl group are doing rounds on social media. According to the rumors, YGNGG will have two Thai, two Japanese, and four Korean members. And that all of the members will be above the age of 16. However, nothing has been confirmed regarding the same so far.

YG is set to officially announce the members in a few hours and fans are super excited. BLACKPINK and Lisa fans are particularly excited to meet the Thai member who shares a special relationship with the Thai BLACKPINK member. Earlier this year, Lisa had revealed in her interview with Rolling Stone that she became close with a Thai trainee for YG’s New GG and that she also guided and supported her in her journey.

“There is a Thai trainee that reminds me of when I was young,” Lisa said. “I’m trying to take care of her. It’s not so much about giving advice. We eat together, and go shopping. She’s 17 and has been here for nearly two years. I asked her once, “Is there anything you’re struggling with?” And she started to cry. “I want to dance like you, unni, but I’m so bad, and I’m so sad about that.” I just tell her, “Keep practicing!” she concluded.

YGNGG, who is rumored to be named BabyMonster, is the third girl group by YG, and given the enormous success achieved by their previous GGs, fans are naturally excited to see what the new members have to offer. YGNGG’s announcement tweet has garnered a lot of attention, with almost 20 million views. It was reported yesterday that after iKon and BigBang members, BLACKPINK will also leave YGE and move to The Black Label as their contract ends in 2023. But YG quickly denied the rumor confirming that BLACKPINK isn’t going anywhere.

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