YG Insider Says Investigation On Jennie and Taehyung Photo Leaker Ongoing

The dating rumors between BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V have been swirling for a long time, but the source of the leaked photos that sparked the speculation is still unknown. According to an industry insider, the investigation into the photo leaker is still ongoing and the company plans to take legal action against the culprit.

The first set of photos that allegedly showed Jennie and V together in a car and on Jeju Island were released in May last year by an anonymous user named gurumiharibo. The photos were watermarked with the user’s name and claimed to be from Jennie’s personal phone. Later on, YG Entertainment announced that they had filed a complaint with the police and requested an investigation into the photo leaker. The company stated that they would not tolerate any privacy violations, personal attacks, sexual harassment or false rumors involving their artists.

However, the investigation has not yielded any results so far and the identity of the photo leaker remains a mystery. An insider told TV Report on May 19th that the investigation is still underway and that they are waiting for the police to find the culprit. The insider also said that YG Entertainment is determined to punish the photo leaker according to the law.

Meanwhile, another set of photos and videos that supposedly showed Jennie and V on a date in Paris surfaced online on May 18th. The photos and videos were taken by a French photographer named Amar Taoualit, who confirmed that he saw the couple walking hand in hand on the streets of Paris.

The photos reignited the dating rumors between Jennie and V, but neither HYBE nor YG Entertainment have given a definitive statement. Some fans believe that the photos are genuine and that Jennie and V are indeed dating, while others doubt their authenticity and think that they are either photoshopped or mistaken for someone else.

Jennie and V are both members of two of the most popular K-pop groups in the world and have a huge fan following.

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