YG Entertainment Confirms That BLACKPINK Rosé Dating Rumors With Kang Dong Won Are False

YG Entertainment has officially denied the dating rumors that had been circulating between BLACKPINK’s Rosé and actor Kang Dong Won. The agency released a statement earlier in the day stating that it was not possible to confirm the artist’s personal matters regarding Rosé. However, the speculation surrounding the rumors continued, prompting YG Entertainment to release an additional statement to address the issue.

In the new statement, YG Entertainment confirmed that the dating rumors regarding Rosé were not true, and asked fans to refrain from spreading information that differs from the facts. The agency also expressed its gratitude to fans for their support and cooperation.

This is YG Entertainment.

Previously, we conveyed earlier that it is not possible to confirm the artist’s personal matter in regards to Rosé, but we inform you once again as indiscriminate speculation has continued.

We reveal that the dating rumors reported today regarding Rosé are not true, and we would be grateful if you could help so that information different from the facts is not circulated.

The rumors started circulating when Riccardo Tisci, former chief creative officer of Burberry, posted photos on his Instagram account of his visit to Eva Chow’s mansion. In the photos, Rosé and Kang Dong Won were seen alongside a group of other people. However, there was nothing in the photos that suggested anything romantic between the two.

Despite the lack of evidence, K-Netz had been speculating about their relationship status, and the rumors had been circulating online. YG Entertainment’s statement serves as a confirmation that there is no truth to the rumors and that fans should not engage in baseless speculation.

Kang Dong-won was under YG Entertainment until December of last year.

Rosé, along with her group BLACKPINK, became the first K-Pop act to headline Coachella yesterday. The group is also set to embark on an encore concert in North America and headline BST Hyde Park.

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