xQc Reveals What Happens Behind The Scenes During A ‘Twitch Streamer Therapy’ Session

xQc is one of the most popular and loved streamers on Twitch. He has become a household name for Twitch users and is often in the news for his straighforward and outright opinions.

His thoughts also get him in trouble at times. xQc has faced several bans in his streaming career but recently the streamer revealed one peculiar aspect about his second ban.

When xQc faced the second ban of his career on Twitch [in June 2020], he had to undergo a ‘Twitch Streamer Therapy’ session to get unbanned. And guess what? He was unbanned after a day as he had fulfilled his commitment of attending a streamer therapy session.

‘It Was Like A Discussion’

In his recent video, the streamer explained what goes on behind the scenes during these therapy sessions with streamers who get banned or land themselves in trouble on the platform.

“Back in the day when I got banned, Twitch said that a part of me being unbanned… I had to get like a streamer therapy type of thing,” he said. “I had to agree to one session, or a couple of sessions, of streamer reform therapy. I’m not even kidding.”

“It was like a thing where [the therapist asked questions] like: ‘Do you understand why you were banned?’ and ‘Why is that bad?’ It was like a discussion.”

xQc also shared that one streamer therapy session ideally lasted around an hour and a half. “It was like a streamer anonymous type of thing.”

xQc On Cancel Culture

In the past, xQc has lashed out on haters when he felt that they were being unreasonable. The streamer also took a tough stance against Twitter users recently who throw hate at streamers and hold them accountable acting like they are the most perfect human beings on earth who don’t make any mistakes.

This was the time when xQc was majorly against the ‘cancel culture’. But guess what? It seems like the streamer has changed teams now. In his recent video, he explained why cancel culture can also be a ‘good thing’ at times. Read the full story by clicking here.

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