xQc Expresses Concern About Twitch Employees Leaving The Company

xQc is one of the most popular and loved streamers on Twitch. He has become a household name for Twitch users and is often in the news for his straighforward and outright opinions.

The streamer has recently put forth his opinions about Twitch employees leaving the company. He talked about how the report from Bloomberg which says that more than 300 Twitch employees have resigned from the company because the platform was losing touch to its roots.

‘Exodus Could Be A Big Problem’

xQc believes that the exodus is a matter of concern for the Twitch management as well as streamers.

“I’m going to be honest, I feel like the exodus could be a big problem,” he admitted.

However, the streamer does not think that implementing a new strategy is the cause of the problem rather he said “I feel like that strategy can go on top of old strategies without hurting the main formula for success. I’m not wrong about this. Monetizing some features and adding more monetized features doesn’t take away from the main experience of the website.

What Did xQc Say?

What seems to be the problem, as per xQc, is the ‘user experience’.

“If you degrade and erode the main experience that people have because of these tools, then yeah, it makes sense, but if not, then no. The thing is, though, things are bound to change with an increase in size. It’s almost inevitable.”

Sometimes, ‘increasing in size and maintaining old ways will be the downfall,” added xQc.

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