Wyatt Russell Didn’t Get A Call From Marvel Studios Yet For The Thunderbolts Movie

A few days back we got to know about the new Thunderbolts movie which is now in development and fans are quite excited for the dark Avengers. MCU fans look forward to knowing who all will be the team members of Thunderbolts, through comic books there are some members that we already know.

Like US Agent, Yelena Belova, Baron Zemo, Ghost, Taskmaster, Winter Soldier, Abomination, and so on. There is nothing yet confirmed if the actors have been approached for the film or not but we got to know something about the Thunderbolts via The US Agent from The Falcon & The Winter Soldier.

Yes, you heard that right, Wyatt Russell shared about whether he got a call or not from marvel studios for the upcoming thunderbolt movie.

Since the time John Walker a.k.a US agent has made an appearance in the series Falcon & The Winter Soldier many people have speculated about a movie of the MCU version of Suicide squad coming up.

Let’s just have a look at what Wyatt Russell has to say on this.

He recently did an interview with Playlist where he was asked about thunderbolts he said, ” You know the idea right? I’m not a moron. I mean, I know what they’re thinking of, but you don’t know when they’re going to do it if they’re going to do it, what’s going to happen.

Wyatt came to promote his new upcoming mini-series named, “Under the Banner of Heaven”

He further answered the question about coming back as a US agent & whether he got a call from Marvel, to which he said, ” When you get the phone call, you get the phone call. And they do a really good job of keeping it from everybody because, you know, they’ve got something to protect and I always say like, I’d just rather not know.”

He further continues, ” Just tell me when you want me to show up. Other than that, just keep me in the dark. I don’t care. And if you do tell me, tell me in enough time where I can get to the gym because right now, I don’t look like John Walker. I look like Dan Lafferty.”

He confirmed that he hasn’t got any call and he is just waiting for it, he said” No, I’m just waiting on it. You wait on it until like they announce it. They keep it really, really, tight and it’s like, you respect that because they’ve got other bottom lines to look out for than what they think I need to know.”

Well, sooner or later Marvel will announce its further plans regarding the Thunderbolts.

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