John Cena

WWE Unveils First Look At The John Cena Legacy Championship

As June draws to a close, the sun sets on WWE’s month-long commemoration of John Cena’s 20th anniversary with the organisation. WWE has gone all out for the 16-time WWE Champion, with social media posts, celebratory merchandise, and even an episode of Raw dedicated to him this past Monday.

To cap off the festivities, at the end of July, a special legacy championship inspired by the Doctor of Thuganomics will be available on Only 500 of these belts will be made available to the public, so fans will need to act quickly if they want to own a John Cena legacy title.

As shown in the video below, the belt will be packaged in a massive Word Life lock chain replica package, comparable to the chain Cena wore on his neck in the initial days of his character. The box seems to have a window in the back that can be snapped open to create a display case for displaying your title.

The title will include an exclusive wrist headband set with Cena’s signature phrases embellished on them, such as Never give up, HLR Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, and U can’t C me. The cloth case in which the title belt is packaged is depicting Cena saluting in front of a 20 Years logo.

Belt having 16 jewels

The belt alone has 16 jewels covering the centre plate to represent Cena’s 16 world title reigns throughout his career. Each side plate is unique, displaying logos from various phases of Cena’s gimmick. The centre plate spins, as any diehard Cena fan could have predicted given that he made polarising spinning championship belts out of the WWE Championship and the United States Championship throughout his reigns. The colours are red, white, and blue throughout, a colour scheme he’s used for merch before and a nod to Cena’s unwavering support for American troops.

John Cena’s 1st two words in WWE were ruthless aggression, and though he believes he could have demonstrated that some more in his WWE debut. It’s been nearly 20 years since Cena accepted Kurt Angle’s challenge on WWE SmackDown, and to commemorate the occasion, WWE had Cena rewatch the show.

Cena said, I don’t think I came across as a normal person doing normal things. However, the match appears to start aggressively, ruthlessly, and quickly. Kurt, thank you for making me look so good so quickly. When the match became physical, Cena observed that the basics of wrestling did not come to him as naturally as they did to a true athlete like Angle.


Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.