Bobby Lashley

WWE United States Championship Match Is Scheduled For The 09/19 Raw 

A title match for next Monday’s WWE Raw has been announced, with United States Champion Bobby Lashley defending his title against Seth Freakin Rollins. During Monday’s show of Raw, Rollins did run into Lashley backstage. Rollins referred to himself as the Face of Monday Night Raw. Lashley was not amused and told Rollins that whoever holds the gold is the face of Monday Night Raw.

Rollins then stated that although Lashley’s title isn’t precisely what he had in mind while he stated that he was going after gold, he would gladly accept it before launching the challenge, which Lashley accepted. Lashley won the US Championship for the 3rd time in his professional career when he overthrown Theory at Money in the Bank in June. Since then, Lashley has defended his title against a number of Red Brand superstars, which include Ciampa, AJ Styles, &, most lately, The Miz.

Monday’s Raw began with Rollins entering the ring and declaring that he had abandoned his goal of defeating Matt Riddle in favour of pursuing championship gold. Since Riddle given an RKO to Rollins off a ladder & cost him the Money In The Bank briefcase, the two have been at odds. Rollins after which put Riddle on the shelf after laying him out on Raw on July 25, effectively removing him from the SummerSlam match that the two were supposed to have.

Riddle First Name On WWE Raw 

Regardless, Riddle joined the show, and Rollins initiated another attack. Riddle sought vengeance on Rollins for his acts, which resulted in a match between the two at Clash At The Castle, which Rollins eventually won. On the 8/29 show of WWE Raw, Corey Graves did refer to Riddle as Matt Riddle prior to The Original Bro’s heated split-screen official interview with Seth Rollins. However not affirmed by WWE’s roster page, Riddle was also referred to as Matt Riddle in this video clip posted shortly after the segment by WWE’s official Twitter account. 

The former UFC fighter has been known as just Riddle as of December 2020, a transition he accepted on social media at the time, noting that he likes it because he has always been known as just Riddle. If Riddle continues to use his real name, it would successfully mean the end of former WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon’s real name edict. McMahon allegedly issued a memo in April prohibiting WWE Superstars from using their actual names or names they had earlier used on the individual circuit. 

Even though Riddle’s name was changed in December 2020, the new edict required Theory, Ciampa, Raquel Rodriguez, Butch, and many others to change their circle names as well. There has also been talk of Theory regaining his first name. During his segment with Johnny Gargano on WWE Raw this week, the Money in the Bank briefcase holder was still referred to as Theory. It will be intriguing to see if the situation changes in the following weeks.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.