WWE Superstar Warns Cristiano Ronaldo To Avoid Wrestling

The 2022 FIFA World Cup recently concluded, with Argentina claiming the coveted trophy, adding another honour to Lionel Messi’s already-illustrious career. It strengthens many soccer fans’ belief that he is the greatest of all time, a title often hotly debated between him and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who played a forgettable tournament. Portugal was eliminated in the quarterfinals, with the former Manchester United star failing to make the starting lineup.

However, the focus has shifted to what Ronaldo might do now that he is no longer in agreement with the “Red Devils.” While all signs point to a move away from England, could he be tempted to switch to wrestling? Due to his worldwide fame, he would be a major signing for WWE, but then when asked by Metro if Ronaldo would be a great achievement in wrestling, WWE star Apollo Crews replied, “Not with me here!”


Even though many other athletes have done so, there has yet to be a top-level soccer player who has become a main-roster WWE Superstar. But when it comes to Ronaldo, his determination and drive could take him anywhere. “Honestly, with that mindset to be a top athlete in the world on that level, I think he would’ve done okay just on the mentality alone,” Crews said. “When it comes to the physical part, however, most people have a different story.

But, once again, he’s a world-class athlete, so I wouldn’t rule it out.” Wayne Rooney, Ronaldo’s former Manchester United teammate, was once implicated in a violent fight on “WWE Raw,” where he hit Wade Barrett after a Twitter exchange. Hugo Knox, in the meantime, was a former professional soccer player who made it into WWE’s developmental system before being released in 2016. Adebayo Akinfenwa most recently appeared for PROGRESS Wrestling, joining forces with AEW’s Anthony Ogogo to create his in-ring debut.

Roxanne Perez and Athena

This week, Booker T celebrated the victories of two of his former students and acknowledged the role his Reality of Wrestling brand played in developing the stars. The WWE Hall of Famer turned wrestling coach Booker T opened the most recent episode of The Hall of Fame podcast by praising Roxanne Perez and Athena for their respective title victories in NXT and Ring of Honor. Booker T congratulated Roxanne Perez on winning the NXT Women’s Championship. 

That’s awesome because she was a Reality of Wrestling Champion, the first-ever ROH Champion, and is now an NXT Champion. That’s a bunch of achievements for someone so young. With his victory over Mandy Rose, Perez, 21, became one of the youngest singles champions in WWE history. Booker T said, I wanted to give her that moment when she won, but I wanted to jump in the ring. He hugged Perez after Tuesday’s episode had finished airing from his position providing commentary.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.