WWE Star Refuses To Reappear Under Current Management 

Maria Kanellis Bennett refuses to respond to WWE unless the company’s management/ownership is drastically changed. Kanellis expressed her emotions while replying to a fan on Twitter, as shown below. Following Vince McMahon’s resignation as CEO and Chairman of WWE last month, Kanellis stated that she hoped to see a change in company culture, which she believes would only be feasible under new management.

Let’s keep hoping the company is bought out by something or a company that will treat WWE like a business and not a boys club, Kanellis tweeted. Health insurance, retirement funds, and family leave are all options. Kanellis appended, “Vacation days, care for children, and a clear future direction.” Many of the people who work there will be anxious during this period. The COMPANY CULTURE, eventually, will change. And people will continue to work in jobs they enjoy in order to feed their families.

Kanellis would later comment on McMahon’s relatively short promo segment on 6/17 SmackDown, which premiered hours after first WSJ story claimed McMahon paid $3 million in bribe money to a retired paralegal with whom he and John Laurinaitis supposedly had sexual encounters. McMahon, Kanellis felt, was “derogatory to the women harmed” by making an appearance on live television.

Kanellis worked for the WWE twice

Isn’t this insulting to the women who have been harmed in this situation? She stated on Twitter that it is not a joke. WWE’s corporate culture of fear and abuse of authority is no laughing matter. Kanellis has still yet to comment on the 2nd WSJ story, which was published on 7/8 and claimed McMahon agreed to sign NDAs with 3 other women with whom he had sexual relations. Kanellis worked for the WWE twice, from 2004 to 2010 and again from 2017 to 2020. The second stint ended in April 2020 as part of WWE’s budget cuts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WWE’s official YouTube channel has surpassed 70 billion views, according to interim CEO and Chairwoman Stephanie McMahon. It is the 7th channel in history to achieve this feat. Stephanie tweeted that @WWE’s official YouTube page has surpassed 70 billion views, making it the seventh channel in history to do so. Thank you so much to our Star players, the @WWEUniverse, and the WWE Press team for producing and delivering high-quality content to our fans all over the world!


Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.