WWE Star Cody Rhodes Says He Will Never Wrestle Again 

In recent days, Cody Rhodes has expressed his disinterest in rematching with WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther. Following an almost seven-month absence due to injury, Rhodes made his ring comeback last night at the Royal Rumble VIP live event.

It took The American Nightmare more than 15 minutes to defeat the match’s winner, Gunther, who had entered the Men’s Royal Rumble Match at number one. Despite never having a singles match, Rhodes and Gunther fought bloodily during the Royal Rumble. The American Nightmare said in an interview with WWE Digital Exclusive after winning the competition that The Ring General is a difficult guy.

“My God, when I realised how tough Gunther is, I was immediately eager to battle him once more. “However, I’m not interested in wrestling him ever again,” he said. Cody Rhodes returns to WWE in April 2022 after a lengthy sabbatical. He did, however, have a legitimate injury two months later that kept him out of action for close to seven months before he made his victorious comeback at the Royal Rumble a few hours ago.

Cody Rhodes declared Roman Reigns the best in the world

After winning the Royal Rumble Match, The American Nightmare expressed regret to the crowd.”I’m fortunate. In one year, I received two returns. Please allow me to take a moment to express my sincere apologies. I didn’t intend to hurt you, and your action was stupid. And I was happy that I could wrestle. I have no idea how.

Although I know I should have apologised sooner and that I was making progress, this setback has really been incredibly beneficial for my life because it has given me the opportunity to do everything correctly. I’m about to enter my career’s peak. “You have to be accountable,” he said. After winning the Royal Rumble Match, Cody Rhodes declared Roman Reigns the best in the world.

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