Booker T 

WWE Management Must Bring Back These Stars, According to Booker T 

Booker T has titled some of the former WWE stars he believes should be brought back into the fold. During a live stream, Booker T announced that he would bring back Bray Wyatt to WWE, claiming that there was so much more that could’ve been done with him and that the company didn’t use him to his full potential. Wyatt was released late July of last year for reasons unrelated to creativity.

I’d likely want to bring Bray Wyatt back into the fold because he’s an illusionist. He has been on his own private island. He also stated that, in terms of female talent, he will indeed bring back two current AEW signees. One of them, he stated, would indeed be former student Athena, who’d been released early November and returned to the independent scene. She joined the firm in early May and created her official AEW debut all through Double Or Nothing.

Ember Moon… She likely wouldn’t want to return, but I’m not sure. From a female standpoint, perhaps the girl with the Toni Storm and the eye patch. I assumed she had more. Storm demanded her release in late December of this year after travelling herself home from a house show in Baltimore, and she created her AEW debut on Dynamite on March 30.

Stephanie McMahon & Nick Khan

Stephanie McMahon & Nick Khan have been appointed as co-CEOs of the company. In other news, Triple H was named a new Head of Creative & Talent Relations now since Vince McMahon announced his departure, much to the surprise of fan base and talent alike. The news comes after allegations that McMahon paid $14.6 million to several women, including a former paralegal with whom he had an affair, a former wrestler with whom he coerced oral sex, and a former employee to whom he sent unsolicited naked pictures.

Former WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon abruptly resigned after 40 years as the company’s top executive. McMahon’s retirement was not without controversy, as he is currently being investigated for several non-disclosure agreements he supposedly made with former female WWE employe to incidents of sexual misconduct. Over the course of 16 years, more than $12 million in hush money was paid out, according to the investigation.

Despite these accusations, numerous people that have worked with McMahon in the past and recently have paid their respects to the 76-year-old former CEO, and also that list presently includes UFC President Dana White, who made a comment on McMahon’s retirement during a post-fight press conference just after Dana White Nominee Series.


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