WWE Championship Belt Redesign Ordered by Triple H?

The designs of a few of WWE’s title belts appear to be changing soon according to Triple H.

According to veteran title strap designer @BeltFanDan, who yesterday revealed on Twitter

 “Rumor mill suggests Triple H is making multiple belt design alterations.”

Dan Beltzer has been the subject of numerous designs for a wide range of wrestling promotions. The strap-maker has also previously broken similar reports about title design-related news. Nevertheless, if the rumour about the Triple H WWE championship design overhaul is accurate, it’s still not quite clear which titles would get a new coat of paint or be fully redesigned.

It’s easy to say that quite a few fans would be delighted to see the organisation get rid of some of its current, uninspiring strap designs, with the lacklustre Universal Championship serving primarily as a more vibrant variant of the WWE Championship.

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WWE belt designs that lasted long

WWE Spinner Championship: 8 Years

WWE was in the rebuilding phase following the end of the Attitude Era. The days of relying on The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin are long gone. WWE had great expectations for one particular star, John Cena. John Bradshaw Layfield was defeated by Cena at WrestleMania 21 to give him his first WWE Championship. The WWE Championship was changed into a spinner belt that resembled a hip-hop medallion to better fit Cena’s style. The belt, which was used from 2005 to 2013, received mostly negative reviews. Children enjoyed it, and many copies of it were sold, but wrestling aficionados never really loved it.

Winged Eagle Championship: 10 Years

Hulk Hogan pretty much ruled the WWE Championship in the 1980s. Hogan won the title between 1984 and 1988. Hogan wore a variety of title belt styles throughout that time. However, a new look for the WWE Championship debuted in 1988. Later on, it would become the most cherished and recognisable version of the WWE Championship. The belt, which became known as “The Winged Eagle,” would remain a mainstay in the WWE for ten years. The storied reign of The Winged Eagle came to an end in 1998 when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin received a new championship belt for winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XIV.

Why WWE Retired The World Heavyweight Championship?

One of the most illustrious championships in wrestling history is the World Heavyweight Championship, with its tenure in the WWE only accounting for a small portion of the “Big Gold’s” legendary status. The World Heavyweight Championship joined WWE after it acquired WCW in 2001, and it was occasionally recognised as equal to the WWE Championship until it was combined with the WWE Title in 2013 before being finally discontinued in 2014. There were a few factors that led WWE to decide to retire this venerable belt.

By the fall of 2013, when the WWE brand split was basically ended, the company decided to combine its two world championships, naming the new title the “WWE World Heavyweight Championship,” and John Cena and Randy Orton engaged in a TLC Match to crown the new champion. Orton would win, and even though he continued to wear both belts, it was still viewed as a single victory; this remained the case even after Daniel Bryan and John Cena also won gold.

Main reason?

The WWE Brand Didn’t Fit The World Heavyweight Championship. Brock Lesnar would win the championship in the summer of 2014, replacing the previous versions of the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles with a brand-new one. With this being the obvious aim of creating a new design, the WWE logo was front and centre. From a business perspective, the World Heavyweight Championship was a less appealing choice of belt because it bore no indication of the WWE. Today, all of WWE’s global titles have the same style, with the company’s emblem being big and bold.

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