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Writers who didn’t want WandaVision’s sitcom elements were rejected by Marvel.

Marvel Studios turned down writers who didn’t understand the necessity of WandaVision’s comedic element. Following the events of the Infinity Saga, the Disney+ production reunited Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany’s star-crossed lovers. Wanda and Vision strive to live a regular suburban life by migrating to the town of Westview in the show.

WandaVision, arguably the most unusual Marvel Studios production to date, began with story and artistic inspiration from classic sitcoms. I Love Lucy, Bewitched, Family Ties, and Modern Family, among others, were highlighted each week as a decade and a classic show to mimic.

These are the shows Wanda used to watch with her family in war-torn Sokovia, giving her a notion of what it’s like to live in a calm environment, as subsequently revealed. Scarlet Witch unintentionally used Chaos Magic to build the hex around the town of Westview, resulting in the Maximoff Anomaly, which was eventually shown to be an illusion.

Sitcom Element

Feige explained that they had to reject writers who didn’t appreciate the value of the comedy element in WandaVision during a roundtable with the Producers Guild of America. Some even recommended deleting it entirely for said greater storytelling, according to the MCU architect. But, as we now know, putting sitcoms in the series wasn’t just a gimmick; it was essential to understand Wanda’s desire for a simple life.

Looking back, it’s tough to appreciate WandaVision’s initial concept without first witnessing the complete story. Some potential authors, unsurprisingly, favored a more basic approach to the story rather than including the comedic element. However, as previously stated, it is this unique twist that sets it apart from other shows.

It also gave Olsen and Bettany the chance to show off their acting chops, which they did. Fortunately for Marvel Studios, writer Jac Schaeffer knew exactly what Feige wanted to achieve from the start, and director Matt Shakman was able to put their plans into action.

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