WRAPTORS INC: Young CEO of Wraptors Inc donated $50k to the needy people at the crucial period of COVID 19.

Wraptors is a car-customization shop perfect stop in vehicle wraps, the established elevation of custom for several glancing to exacerbate best to their ride. But one element that leads to the massive success of the company is it’s robust and corroborative board. Wraptors are evolving sharper than ever before with over five locations across Canada 6th to be unfolding this summer in and around Forest Hill/ Yorkdale area. Exact date and location to be announced very soon.

But at such a crucial time when the whole world is confronting the biggest issue of the era by fighting against the pandemic, COVID-19. Stas Kravchuk the CEO of wraptors Inc donated over $50k to less fortunate families at this pestilence but Wraptors in suffering from COVID19the  in Ontario branch.

 These guys stood strong with the new owners welcoming to the team at this hard time, as not to quit, these gentlemen from building an empire that already on such a fast rise across the globe.

With Government closing down the non-essential business and putting a statement on Wraptors inc main office window in Mississauga, with a conceivable fine of $500k but it doesn’t stop  Stas Kravchuk & his team to proceed to assist folks in need and provincial small businesses with necessities & custom printed stickers for local businesses from his own home. Wraptors Inc Mississauga (Head Office) “Wraptors Vaughan”, “Wraptors Ottawa”, “Wraptors Oakville”, “Wraptors Calgary” & “Wraptors Toronto East” all donated portions of their profits to help donate food, masks, and other essentials to encounter line workers in need and single parents home families.

 The company is coming forward to help many. It signifies the notion of social responsibility that the company is terrifically carrying on. Their contribution is priceless and simultaneously praiseworthy.