Would You Rather With Danubia Sousa

Danubia Sousa is a Brazilian-British fashion model, lifestyle influencer, and digital content creator. She has been in the glam-industry for nearly two decades now.

Danubia was the latest guest to play a thrilling round of Would You Rather with Clout News reporter Shaheer Ansari. She was evidently super-ready and super-excited for all the would you rather questions.

To give you an insight, she was made to choose between having makeup on forever or never doing makeup again, between always being stuck in traffic or always having slow internet, and more questions like these.

Here’s the complete game round with social media personality and fashion model Danubia Sousa.

Clout News: Would You Rather Never Use Social Media Again Or Never Watch Another Movie?

Danubia: ooo, movie? Yes movie.

Clout News: Would You Rather Time Travel In The Past Or In The Future?

Danubia: Future YES!

Clout News: Would You Rather He In Makeup Forever Or Never Be In Makeup Again?

Danubia: Never wear makeup again

Clout News: Would You Rather Be Able To Teleport Anywhere Or Read The Minds Of Others?

Danubia: That is my question, I love this because if I could have a super power it would be travelling anywhere! I could go to Brazil and see my family and come back.

Clout News: Would You Rather Always Get Caught Lying Or Know When Someone Is Lying?

Danubia: Know when someone is lying

Clout News: Would You Rather Never Be Able To Speak Again Or Say Everything Which Is On Your Mind?

Danubia: The first one, yeah. Never be able to speak.

Clout News: Would You Rather Have Very Slow Internet Or No Internet At All?

Danubia: No internet at all

Clout News: Would You Rather Always Get Stuck In Traffic Or Always Have Slow Internet?

Danubia: In traffic

Clout News: Would You Rather Get One Wish Granted Today Or Five Wishes Five Years From Now?

Danubia: five wishes five years from now.

Clout News: Would You Rather Go Back In Time And Fix Something You’d Done Wrong Or Go In The Future?

Danubia: I’m always in the future, the past is the past.

Watch The Would You Rather Video:

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