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US – Iran Update: First Week of 2020

Naveed Arshad



US - Iran Tension - Aggressive events happened in first week of 2020

Attack on US Embassy in Iraq on 31st December by protesters triggered tension in middle-east region and further escalated by US as Iranian General Qasem Soleimani was killed by American drone on 3rd of January. Millions turn out in Iran for General Soleimani funeral. US banned American flights over Persian Gulf after drone attack and President Trump threatened Iran to avoid further response. To deescalate and minimise internal pressure, Iran targeted US-control Al-Asad airbase with several short-range missiles and claimed death of several Americans on 8th of January. However, President Trump in his press conference denied any major loss and said all are safe.

General Qasem Soleimani was killed by American drone on 3rd of January. (Photo Credit: Express)

Critics claimed that US troops knew Al-Asad air base would be attacked and sheltered in bunkers so no casualties were reported. Saudi Arabian showed a meaningful silence on whole situation.

What’s New

Just after few hours of Iran’s missiles attack, one Ukrainian plane crashed after take off from Tehran airport and all 176 people on-board killed. On international pressure and leaked videos of jet shoot down, Iran finally admit and declared technical error and “human mistake” of jet shoot down.

Ukrainian plane crashed after take off from Tehran airport

Justin Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister) and Hassan Rouhani (Iranian President) spoke via phone today (11-January) about the incident according to the Canadian government. Iranian President expressed profound regret for shooting down by the Iranian military”. On the otherside, protesters in Iran’s capital clashed with city police as they were demanding resign of Ayatollah and showed their anger while demanding regime change.

Protesters outside Amirkabir University in Tehran. (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

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