World Famous DJ Unveils His Success Mastermind On #VERIFIED Podcast

World Famous DJ EFN unveils his mastermind of success on the #VERIFIED Podcast hosted by infamous JOPAUL.

Eric Fernando Narciandi, aka DJ EFN, represents the freedom of independence and success of calculated business risks. Greatness requires a moment of transformative innovation from oneself, which alters their future. The brand of Drink Champs has revolutionized podcasting and created a ‘Beats By Dre’ culture impact in broadcasting. Born in Los Angeles, California of Cuban descent, DJ EFN childhood and adult years were rooted in Miami. After graduating from Miami Dade College in 2002, DJ EFN officially launched his music career.

Being a Hip-Hop enthusiast and fan of the mixtapes emanating from New York City, DJ EFN began producing his mixtapes series in Miami. “There was no consistent mixtape DJ in Miami, no one who ever really played the music from Miami,” he said in an interview with Julia Beverly of Ozone magazine. “Everybody listened to DJ Clue or Tony Touch. It was good music, but I didn’t want to hear shouts to Brooklyn or the Bronx. I wanted to shout out Miami and help to put on the local cats.”

DJ EFN has effectively dominated every component of street team promotion and marketing, college, satellite, and digital radio over the past ten years. Hip-Hop heavyweight and Hollywood Podcaster JOPAUL illuminate the illustrious lifestyle and career of DJ EFN on the #VERIFIED Podcast.

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