Woollim Slammed For Removing Chaewon From Website

Clearly managing K-pop groups and idols is not easy. However, few agencies seem to be poorer at management than others. Fans have been unhappy with the way the agency of Woollim Entertainment is handling artists.

Groups like Lovelyz, Golden Child and Rocket Punch and Drippin are under the label. The agency has previously managed iconic groups like Infinite and Epik High in the past. But they have been receiving mixed reactions to their recent decisions.

For instance, Kwon Eunbi has got the chance of having her solo debut but the other members of IZ*ONE like Chaewon have been in the background. After leaving fans heartbroken because of their disbanding, the members of IZ*ONE went their separate ways. Both Eunbi and Chaewon are under Woollim.

Fans have been worried about Chaewon’s future as Eunbi is doing very well from her solo comeback. As per rumours, Chaewon will allegedly join HYBE’s new girl group along with former IZ*ONE member Sakura Miyawaki. Reportedly, Chaaewon will be under Woollim but for group promotions, she will be managed by HYBE.

Recently, Woollim removed Chaewon’s artist profile from their website. Fans think this can be a confirmation of her contract with HYBE. However, this decision is receiving mixed responses as some don’t want Chaewon to join HYBE. It is because they haven’t had a good history with managing girl groups.

However, fans are still willing to give HYBE the benefit of the doubt as they do manage groups like BTS, Seventeen and TXT. The recent girl group under them, formis_9 is also doing well with their latest comeback.

Woollim Upsets Fans By Their Recent Decisions

In other news, there is backlash from fans of other Woollim groups. This is because of the announcement made by them for Golden Child’s comeback in October. The group had released their album just last month while other Woollim groups haven’t had their comeback in months. Fans of Golden Child have requested fans to direct their anger towards the agency and not the band.

Both Chaewon and Woollim have been trending on social media after the news. Fans showed support to the singer as they hoped she is doing well and are eager to hear from her soon. At the end, fans only want Chaewon to be treated well and managed properly no matter which agency she is a part of.


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