With an adorable video, Hawkeye’s Pizza Dog Actress proves she’s perfectly cast News

With an adorable video, Hawkeye’s Pizza Dog Actress proves she’s perfectly cast

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Time icon November 26, 2021

Hawkeye‘s Lucky the Pizza Dog is seen stealing another pup’s slice in a funny new video. The golden retriever, who first appeared in Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye comics, rapidly became a fan favorite after Marvel’s latest Disney+ series launched this week.

Jolt plays Clint Barton’s canine sidekick on screen, and since the show’s premiere, the beautiful animal actress has charmed fans with her social media content.

Hawkeye’s Pizza Dog

Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) teams up with teenage Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) to battle villains from his past in order to come home to his family in time for the holidays in Hawkeye.

Lucky first appears in the first episode of the show when Kate encounters the one-eyed golden retriever and saves him from being run over by a taxi. Kate gets attacked by the Tracksuit Mafia after dropping him off at her apartment and learns of his love for pizza. Clint saves her.

Lucky the Pizza Dog and the animal actor that plays him, Jolt, have already won many fans. Jolt, a female retriever, has been providing fans with content connected to her time on and off the set of Hawkeye on Instagram for quite some time now. Her account most recently shared a video in which she hilariously takes a slice of pizza from the mouth of another dog. “There can only be one Pizza Dog,” the humorous caption reads.

Take a look at the video below:


For fans of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye comics, Lucky’s appearance in the Marvel series comes as no surprise. The dog, originally known as Arrow and held by the Tracksuit Mafia, was not treated as a friend.

When Clint treats him with care and shares a slice of pizza with him, the two create a bond that leads to Lucky fighting alongside Hawkeye and then Kate Bishop.

Because Lucky was such an important element of the comic’s popularity, Marvel’s decision to bring him into the show so early is a service to fans as well as Matt Fraction’s narrative.

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