With a new boxing match offer, Tommy Fury reignites his feud with Jake Paul

Tommy Fury wants his fight with Jake Paul rescheduled for the end of 2022, claiming that the ball is in the YouTuber’s court because his camp wants it to happen.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury were finally slated to touch gloves and face up in the ring at the end of 2021, after trading verbal and virtual blows for quite some time. Things, however, did not go as planned.

With various injuries, the Brit pulled out of the fight on December 18th, leaving Jake to face Tyron Woodley in a rematch. With a powerful knockout, the YouTuber dismissed the former UFC champion and moved into 2022 with a few challenges on the table.

Despite Jake’s hesitation to schedule the fight, some fans still want it to happen. Tommy agrees, saying that his team is still hopeful that things will work out because the “problem” is on Jake’s side.

The British boxer, who was speaking to Sky Sports about the Amir Khan-Kell Brook battle, was asked if fans will ever get to see him fight his lifelong rival.

Tommy stated, “I’d want to see the fight happen at the end of the year.” “You know, I’m not actually waiting for him; he knows I’m here, and I’m always prepared to fight.” This is something I’ve said numerous times. I’m not the problem; if the man wanted to fight, we’d have a new date by now; however, the ball is in his court, and I’m ready to fight whenever.”

Tommy also claimed that he is still Jake’s “biggest” fight right now because he has “nobody else” to fight. “This is the most crucial fight for him right now, and he knows it,” he added.

As previously mentioned, Jake has faced problems from fighters such as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Mairis Briedis, but he has declared that he is not searching for a fight at this time.

The undefeated YouTuber-turned-boxer is planning a return in August or September, which may mean a fight with Tommy at the end of the year. We’ll simply have to wait and see what happens.

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