Winners Of The 5 Major Statistical Categories In The NBA

Winners Of The 5 Major Statistical Categories In The NBA

The NBA regular season has ended and now talks about the Playoffs have started to roll. But before the playoffs, there are the awards that are given to the players for their performance during the regular season.

These titles are earned by the players who have showcased their work on the basketball court. Their perseverance, work ethic and the stigma to prove themselves better than the rest of the league was what set them apart in the different categories. We shall be looking at the players who are the winners in the 5 major statistical categories in the league.

Scoring Leader

The first category we will be discussing is the scoring title. Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers has bagged this title scoring 30.6 ppg and cemented himself as the first big man to do so since Shaq back in 1999-2000 season.

Embiid came in literally balling despite the whole Ben Simmons saga. He put the basketball in the hoop for the many things he went through and claimed the title ahead of LeBron James who was just a whisker away.

Assist Leader

The second category is the assist leader. It goes to the one who makes sure that his teammates get the ball at the spot that they want it. The floor general of their team that keeps the offence running. Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns claimed this title dishing out 10.7 apg.

Paul has always had the court vision that allowed him to get his teammate to the spot. Added to that was his vocal presence which his teammates really listened to as they knew if they had to win they have to listen to Chris Paul.

Rebound Leader

The third category is the rebounding title. Those who control the rebound, control the game. Such is the saying and the importance of getting rebounds in a game. There was none better than Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz to do so as he grabbed 14.7 rpg. Due to his interior presence often shooters would think twice. Because of his work on the glass, the Jazz could focus on the offensive end.

Steals Leader

The fourth category is the steals champion and the victor of this title is Dejounte Murray of the San Antonio Spurs who edged out Chris Paul by a decimal. His defence on the perimeter allowed him to get 2.0 spg and it was the reason why the Spurs could now compete in the Play-In tournament.

Blocks Leader

The fifth and last category is the block leader. To everyone’s surprise, Jaren Jackson Jr. of the Memphis Grizzlies take the cake with 2.3 bpg. Jackson has been phenomenal this year on the defensive end and has really shut down opponents underneath the basket. He is one of the reason for the Grizzlies success this season.

These are the champions in the major statistical categories. This will play strongly for those pursuing the individual awards like MVP, DPOY etc. It will be interesting to see how this winners perform in the playoffs and they can show whether they are deserving of that mantle.

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