William Regal Discloses Who Created the BCC Name

William Regal Discloses Who Created the BCC Name

Who invented the term Blackpool Combat Club for Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, William Regal, & Wheeler Yuta’s AEW team? William Regal revealed the answer in an interview.

So the title, the Blackpool Combat Club, was Jon’s suggestion, according to Regal. I was kinda like, Are you confident you want to call it like that? Yup! It sounds promising. So we have, I’m not going to disclose this because it’s somewhat obvious given where I began and where I used to reside. So this thing began, and you may understand better than I do because it happened so quickly for me. I’m going to show up and just do it.

But it’s not dipping in; it just appeared to work. So I’m heading out and doing my part, and they’re doing a fantastic job with theirs. Wheeler was discussed, and he agreed to join the team. Then we arrive at the present. And we’ve accomplished a lot. We all get along wonderfully. We just appear to be working.

Another thing I’ve been very fortunate with is that I’ve never been involved with anything, or any group or tag team with which I didn’t click, which is fantastic. I seem to be connecting with this team, and they and I are getting along.

The Blackpool Combat Club

It simply clicks. We just go and do it, and that’s what’s going on right now. With ideas, there are a variety of things going on. We just stood there for a moment, thinking, “How about this?” What do you think? Apart from going out and reacting to situations, we haven’t given it much thought. I’m not sure how Wheeler feels, however the three of us are just happy to be ourselves. And once you’re comfortable with who you are, you can go out and pull off pretty much anything. We seem to collaborate well together, and this is how it’s going.

The Blackpool Combat Club was seen on AEW Dynamite battling the Jericho Appreciation Society alongside Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz. Wheeler Yuta, a BCC member, will shortly be seen in New Japan Pro Wrestling, in which he will compete in the Best of the Super Juniors tournament.


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