Will WWE induct Lex Lugar in HOF?

Even though Lex Luger wasn’t the best in the ring, he didn’t need to be. He just wanted to flaunt his great body in the ring and dress like He-Man. In fact, he was specifically instructed to concentrate on displaying his figure throughout his formative years. He acted in that way. His trademark technique, “The Torture Rack,” was created to display his body and strength. He looked amazing, and his portrayal of the heel was outstanding, so he was definitely that. Although his baby face persona wasn’t as outstanding, he still looked fantastic. It is understandable why promoters believed Lex Luger would make a great babyface. He had a Hogan-like frame, was charming, and was attractive. But despite their best efforts, Luger simply proved more effective playing the villain. He demonstrated this with the Four Horsemen and his outstanding heel turn when holding the U.S. championship in 1989.

NWA days of Lex Lugar

Luger had established a reputation in the 1980s and early 1990s before signing with the WWE, capturing many territorial NWA Championships along the way. Luger was in conflict with some of the greatest players of all time before joining the Four Horsemen. During his tenure in the NWA, Luger held the record for the longest-ever US Championship reign with a 523-day span. All of this demonstrated Luger’s star potential, making it clears why WWE chose to contract him.

As WCW champion, he once more turned heel, and upon his subsequent comeback, he frequently alternated between the two. Although the face side had its moments, a heel Luger was usually preferable since “The Total Package” became a popular target for jeers from the crowd.

Here’s the story of a WWE Hall of Famer who wished he had acquired WCW instead of Vince McMahon.

Lex Lugar’s status in WWE

In 1993, Hulk Hogan departed the organisation and eventually joined WCW, leaving WWE without the guy who had propelled the company to tremendous heights as the top baby face. This had a profound impact on the wrestling industry. Although there were other candidates, such Bret Hart, who might serve as the company’s top nice guy, Vince McMahon determined that the WWE needed a new American hero, and Luger was chosen specifically to take over and fill Hogan’s shoes. When Luger was able to body slam Yokozuna as a result, he was given a lot of attention and a WWE Championship bout was scheduled for SummerSlam 1993. In the lead-up, Luger would join the “Lex Express” and travel the nation, hoping to project the image of a world-beater and mythical figure. Everything pointed to Luger becoming the conquering American hero and capturing the WWE Title. That, however, didn’t take place.

Lex Luger was successful in many endeavours. Here is a list of every success he has had in professional wrestling.

– Twice World Heavyweight Champion of the WCW

– Five-time American champion

– TWW Television Champion twice

– Three-time WCW Tag Team Champions

– One time winner of the Royal Rumble (shared with Bret Hart in 1994).

– The Jim Crockett Cup champion

Lex Luger should be an induction into the Hall of Fame. Like the late, great Randy “Macho Man,” it would be unfortunate if WWE eventually learned how wonderful he was, but it was too late.

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