Will TOA releases 6 song EP “Kumanada” giving the listener afro swing melodies

Will TOA releases 6 song EP “Kumanada” giving the listener afro swing melodies, west coast flavor, emotional drill and melodic story telling.

What does Kumanada mean? Will was born in Canada and his family is originally from Kumasi, Ghana. If you put them together Kumasi + Canada = Kumanada.

Will TOA is a Ghanaian recording artist and super producer from Vancouver, Canada.”TOA” is an acronym derived from his family heritage and last name. He has performed alongside WizKid, DJ Tunez, Ycee, Mr Eazi and Afro B and he is known locally for his innovative homegrown brand, “Drop City Attire”.

Since the pandemic hit Vancouver the city has had an uprising of violence and gang activity and with everything happening Will TOA has become a voice for change and is bringing inspiration through his Music. Will says “My new concise body of work brings a different feel to every song. Back home in Ghana, drill has been very impactful as it’s allowed afrobeats to grow into a new direction and I feel proud to bring so many different sounds in this EP.”

With a uniquely created title the “Kumanada” EP is truly one of a kind, take a listen for yourself: https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/5E1Cbgs8mXqDxo0CRHyBvl

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