Will there be a Queen of the Ring in 2022?

Prior to the first tournament of Queen’s Crown tournament which was held in 2021. Up until 2019 and 2021, the King of the Ring competition had been on break; the previous competition before that took place in 2015. The Diva’s section was mainly overlooked prior to the women’s movement, which started in 2016. As a result, there isn’t much of a connection between the King of the Ring tournament’s ongoing existence and the fact that women’s wrestling is considered seriously. Up until lately, WWE essentially had no incentive to even contemplate holding a Queen of the Ring competition. Vince was unlikely to launch a brand-new, unproven tournament if he eliminated one that was well-known and has produced some of the biggest names in the business. But now having the tournament started, we might expect much more.

What about the number of wrestlers?

The primary women’s rosters still have less than 30 current players on them but when it comes to RAW, SmackDown or NXT then there can be a change maybe. But until that with just one roster it makes them still somewhat small. You might just be able to put together a 4-round tournament if you take out the champions, their rivals, the wounded, and the managers. There are straightforward practical issues with having a Queen of the Ring until the roster grows deeper.

Charlotte Flair’s involvement?

Less than 30 players are now included on the main women’s rosters, making them still quite tiny. If you exclude the champions, their competitors, the injured, and the managers, you might just be able to organise a 4-round competition. Up until the roster gets deeper, there are obvious logistical problems with having a Queen of the Ring.

None of this implies that a Queen of the Ring competition wouldn’t be successful. In fact, with the seeming dearth of stars outside of Ronda Rousey and the Four Horsewomen, it could be just what the Women’s Division needs at this time. Someone else might be elevated to the main event level by a strong tournament.

Zelina Vega on winning the first tournament

The Queen’s Crown tournament’s award is the same as the King of the Ring tournament’s prize, however unlike the King of the Ring tournament, the winner is referred to as “Queen” rather than “Queen of the Ring.” Zelina Vega, the first-ever Queen’s Crown winner, adopted a queen’s gimmick and started referring to herself as Queen Zelina, much as numerous King of the Ring winners have adopted a king’s gimmick with varied degrees of indulgence. Fans harshly criticized the Queen’s Crown tournament for not being on an equal footing with the King of the Ring competition for men.

Tournament in 2022

No news has been updated regarding the tournament this year. But fans are eager to see changes now in the post Vince McMahon era, there might be a few additions or completely changeover of the whole structure behind the tournament. The first competition featured eight female wrestlers, this time might be different or we may not see a tournament this year at all.

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