Will There Be A Ms. Marvel Season 2? Here's Everything We Know

Will There Be A Ms. Marvel Season 2? Here’s Everything We Know

Ms. Marvel has come to an end, with its six-episode run laying the groundwork for Kamala’s future in the MCU, leaving many fans wondering what to expect from season 2. While it has been confirmed that Kamala Khan would perform in The Marvels in 2023, little has been said regarding the second season of her show.

While the post-credits sequence of Ms. Marvel clearly establishes the foundation for The Marvels, it’s interesting investigating how the programme also leaves effects off for season 2.

Marvel revealed Kamala Khan’s origins, delving into Ms. Marvel’s powers derived from an uncommunicative cuff passed down through generations.

Ms. Marvel has been a joy, from this to Kamala’s family and the disquisition of culture, religion, and Kamala’s academy life, and there are several impacts still to explore for a sophomore season. One of the most appealing things about Ms. Marvel was simply watching Kamala’s character relationships and advancements with her musketeers and family members.

While The Marvels will most likely ignore this and focus on Kamala exploring the more cosmic part of the MCU alongside Carol Danvers, season 2 of Ms. Marvel has a lot to focus on as it enters the final stretch. Regardless of the debate surrounding Ms. Marvel’s MCU power shift, Kamala’s journey has been a delight to document, and an alternative season would only be eaten. Then there’s what we currently know about an implied Ms. Marvel season 2.

Ms Marvel Sets Up The Marvels In The Final Episode

The first and most pressing concern is whether Ms. Marvel’s season 2 will take place at all. Following in the footsteps of the MCU’s countless Disney productions, Ms. Marvel was initially conceived as a limited series. Only Loki has yet to enter an alternate season in the MCU. Marvel Studios has yet to confirm if Ms. Marvel will follow suit. Still, one resemblance to Ms. Marvel and other Disney programmes is Kamala’s already confirmed presence in The Marvels.

As with WandaVision leading into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Captain America 4 continuing the narrative of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it appears Ms. Marvel is continuing its primary character’s journey in a point film rather than an alternate season.

That is not to argue that an alternate season is not conceivable. While Kamala’s next MCU adventure will be depicted in The Marvels in 2023, the film might very well finish with a setup for Ms. Marvel season 2. Whether or if this is true will not be revealed until The Marvels hits theatres. Nonetheless, with Ms. Marvel having the highest-rated design in the MCU on Rotten Tomatoes, Marvel Studios would be crazy not to bring Kamala Khan back.


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