Will The Rose Disband? Band Announces Last Track With Label After Contract Termination

Will The Rose Disband? Band Announces Last Track With Label After Contract Termination

The Rose, a four-piece rock band, had a rocky relationship with their previous label, J&Star Company. Members of the band accused the label of not paying them since their debut, as well as requiring them to adhere to a strict promotional schedule; back in February of 2020. Following the rupture between the label and the bandmates, Woosung said in an interview that the matter had been resolved and their contract with J&Star Company had been cancelled.

The Rose’s members debuted in 2017, and the unexpected enrollment of three out of four members means that fans have had a difficult time keeping up with the group. Rose, on the other hand, now has some good news for Black Roses (their fans). On December 28, it was reported that The Rose would be releasing a new single called ‘Beauty and the Beast,’; which would be released soon. Prior to their enlistment, all four members of the group recorded the single.

The Rose have announced that their new single, ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ will be released on December 29, bringing the year to a close in a spectacular fashion for their fans. The new song has a dreamy vibe to it and captures the beauty and power of true love. The song’s message is simple: with love, nothing is impossible. Because it was recorded while the band was still under J&Star Company’s management, the music video for the song will include all of the members. On December 29 at 6 p.m. KST, the single “Beauty and the Beast” will be published on all major music outlets (4 am ET).

Black Roses Are Surprised By The Announcement Of New Single

After the members of the boy band The Rose filed a lawsuit against the agency for “manipulation of the artists,” the agency declared that their exclusive contract with them was legally terminated. Before joining J&Star Company, Woosung and the three currently enlisted members — Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong — were members of an independent band.

J&Star Company stated on December 28 that the exclusive deal with The Rose would expire with the release of the single “Beauty and the Beast,” and asked for a lot of support for the members in their future endeavours. Once Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong return from the military, the group will decide whether to disband or sign with a new label.

The surprising revelation that The Rose will release their new single, ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ after their break has surprised Black Roses. One fan said, “OH MY GODDDD THE ROSE COMEBACK LET’S GAUUURRR.” Another fan said, “THE ROSE IS HAVING AN OFFICIAL COMEBACK AFTER 2 YEARS.” One more fan said, “I can’t believe i can actually say the rose are having a comeback.” One fan said, “EVERYONE SHUT UP THE ROSE COMEBACK TOMORROW.” Another fan said, “THE ROSE are FINALLY having a COMEBACK?” One more fan declared, “The Rose is back!! the kings are back!” One fan said, “THE ROSE IS BACK, SO I MADE THIS!!!! brf” One fan said, “They are coming back I REPEAT THE ROSE IS COMING BACK.”

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