Will Deadpool 3 Be Hugh Jackman’s Last Film As Wolverine? Find Out Here

Fans are already happy knowing about Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. But will this movie be his last in the MCU? Let’s get to know it from the actor himself. As we all know Marvel is up to something big in Phase 6, as it announced two of the Avengers projects. The movies are “Avengers Secret Wars” & “Avengers Kang Dynasty”.

As Marvel is exploring its multiverse possibilities, it opens doors for many franchise characters to be a part of this huge film. As Hugh Jackman’s character will make a first-time appearance in the MCU. It would be great to see if the studios hire him for Avengers films.

In a recent conversation at The Empire Film podcast, Hugh Jackman revealed that he sees every movie as “one and done”. That’s what his perspective is, even after getting a two-film deal back in the day. He still use to consider it to be one-and-done. He adds, ” You know, back then, there were no comic movies. I just take it one at a time. I’m lucky in that way, I don’t have to think beyond that, but I think it’s the best way to go.”

As Hugh believes in taking things one at a time, it may be possible that he becomes a part of the Avengers film. As it’s said above, Marvel is onto the Multiverse concept so anything can happen. Speaking of Deadpool 3 it will release on 8th November 2024.

Marvel Studios Didn’t Convince Hugh Jackman To Return

In conversation with uncrazed on Tiktok, Hugh made it clear that no one convinced him to return as Wolverine. The actor says he makes his own decision. He is excited to be back and everything is all good for now.

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