Why WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Doesn’t Like Logan Paul?

Why WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Doesn’t Like Logan Paul?

Logan Paul, a well-known YouTube personality and WWE Superstar has come under fire from Seth Rollins once again for being a selfish guy. When The Maverick and The Miz defeated Rey Mysterio and Dominik at WrestleMania 38, it marked their first time in the ring.

In June 2022, he formally agreed to a multi-year contract with WWE, and since then, he has competed in contests, with the 2023 Royal Rumble for men serving as his most recent. Seth Rollins has criticised Logan Paul in recent weeks for being selfish and unconcerned with the success of the company. Nobody in the locker room gets along with Logan Paul, according to The Visionary, who made this assertion in a recent interview.

He also questioned whether Logan was there to advance the industry or whether he was there to exploit the fans and enrich himself.”With no one does he get along. Is Logan Paul popular? He is an outgoing personality. As you can see, he hustles. However, passion drives our industry. People who care about it and want to improve it, not take from it, are the foundation of the system.

That being said, I’m curious to hear if Logan Paul would fit that description. Does he possess the potential to love it, to become passionate about it, and to give back to it? Or is he merely someone who wants to invade our territory, screw over our fandom, steal our money, and take advantage of us in every way possible? “commented Seth Rollins. Logan is criticised by Seth Rollins: “I got no regard for his selfishness.”

The Visionary criticise Logan for focusing only on himself

The pro wrestling industry, according to Paul Seth Rollins, is his life. He also met his future wife, Becky Lynch, and he intends to leave the company in a better condition than when he discovered it. The Visionary then criticised Logan for focusing only on himself when given opportunities.”It irritates me. When you’re given crap, you act as though you deserve it.

There is nothing you earned. We don’t have time for you if you aren’t going to return the favour and help others. You were given this opportunity. Where is he? I want to know. I’ve seen nothing but him in the images I’ve viewed. Everything revolves around Logan Paul, his brand, and his potential for personal gain. Because of that, I have no respect. I admire hustling, but I don’t admire his self-centeredness “Rollins continued.

Unexpected competitor Logan Paul entered the 2023 Royal Rumble fight for men. He then eliminated a disinterested Seth Rollins, making it to the final three before Cody Rhodes eliminated him. Fans are now certain that WWE is preparing a Seth Rollins and Logan Paul match for WrestleMania 39 as a result of that elimination and the statements that followed.

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