Why Tori Spelling Agitated To Get A COVID Test Amidst Split Rumors

Tori Spelling took her husband Dean McDermott to a COVID testing site. The 55 years old actress as a caring wife took Dean for a medical test on Wednesday, amidst rumors that they are heading towards a split.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 star looked very frustrated in photos. She and Dean sitting in the car before he got tested for the virus. Tori Spelling clearly be seen annoyed while she turned her head away from her husband of 15 years to look out the window. During this the actress and Dean reportedly had ‘an animated conversation’ with each other.

Spelling looked to be done up in a full face of makeup while driving to the COVID testing site. Dean, meanwhile, could be seen in the pictures dressed in a gray hoodie, black sweat pants and Nike slippers. Along with this, he also had on a white hat, glasses, and a dark green mask. During the excursion, Dean also made a pitstop at a nearby 7-Eleven, where he purchased several items. Also Read: Grey’s Anatomy: Main Character May Be Dead & He His Heart Broken

Amidst the breakup speculation, while Tori and Dean do not ‘have official plans to file for divorce quite yet’. The longtime couple are “not intimate and haven’t been in quite some time”. Though it is also confirmed the couple “are 100% going to raise these kids together,” which explains why the entire family of seven got quality time together.

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