Why Ranveer Singh’s ‘Jayeshbhai Jordar’ Is A Big Flop?

It is shocking to see Bollywood film’s poor opening at the box office. Back to back flops from Bollywood’s biggest actor is also shocking. Films like Heropanti 2, Jayeshbhai Jordar, Runway 34 and Jersey failed to make good openings at the box office. Let’s know why Ranveer Singh’s Jayeshbhai Jordar is a big flop.

Jayeshbhai Jordar was released last Friday at the box office. The audience has expectations from the film, only because it has mega star Ranveer Singh, with a different storyline, and also production houses like Yash Raj Films (YRF).

Shockingly, the film had a poor opening collection of Rs. 3.25 crore. Followed by the weekend’s collection of 8.75 crores (4 crores on Saturday and only 4.75 crores on Sunday). Sadly, it is happening with so many big budget films this year. Jayeshbhai Jordar flopped on weekends too.

Also, the trading veteran called film writing weak in comparison to the trailer. Indeed, the trailer is the first impression of the movie and the makers narrated the entire story in it. And the trailer was hardly exciting. Larger-than-life films like Pushpa, RRR, and KGF have worked. Or even Gangubai Kathiawadi for that matter; there was enough drama and enough content for the people to enjoy on the big screen.

Other analysts explained that there were flaws in the script, poster and in trailer as well. The script was weak, and the poster seemed to be some fun-filled family film but turned out to be different. Likewise, the subject was outdated. The analyst added, “When you have a title like Jayeshbhai Jordaar, you expect a dynamic character. Then, it would have made a difference. Lekin title mein ‘jordaar’ hai par dekhne jaao toh hero mein kuch bhi ‘jordaar’ nahi hai. That was a spoilsport”.

People also recalled Ranveer Singh’s image, he is an entertaining actor, you cant make a preachy movie with him. So, we have to play around with the image that the actor has among the audience. Nevertheless, he attempted to do something new. For once, the film could have worked if released during the lockdown on OTT. Thankfully, the audience is watching and supporting good films on streaming apps.

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.