Sasha Banks

Why Is Sasha Banks Bringing A Member Of Her Former Tag Team To Japan?

The wrestling world is eagerly awaiting Wrestle Kingdom 17 for a number of reasons, including Sasha Banks’ (real name Mercedes Varnado) long-awaited return in some capacity. The former “WWE Raw” and “WWE SmackDown” Women’s Champion, however, may not be travelling alone to Japan after all, according to the source.

Who also claims that Trinity Fatu, better known as Naomi in the WWE. Who was a member of their former tag team, is planning to travel there. When Varnado and Fatu essentially left WWE in May, they were both suspended indefinitely. Since then, neither has been seen near any wrestling events. The big question is whether she will also be a guest on the NJPW show.

Since there had not yet been any rumours that NJPW was bringing in Fatu. It is entirely possible that she is travelling alone and only to support her friend, not even making an appearance in public at Wrestle Kingdom. Varnado and Fatu have appeared together fairly frequently in public since leaving the WWE. Whether it be while walking the runway to model during New York Fashion Week or occasionally attending a few red-carpet events.

Varnado’s role at Wrestle Kingdom

When Fatu made the decision to leave WWE, her contract was about to expire. It appeared that she and the company had been in contact in recent months. Which could have resulted in a new contract for her return. On some of those earlier unresolved issues, however, there has been no indication that any agreements have been made. It is still unknown at this time whether Fatu is free to speak with other wrestling organizations.

Varnado’s role at Wrestle Kingdom is still unknown. But it is widely anticipated that it will have something to do with the contest for the IWGP Women’s Championship between Kairi and Tamina. And there’s still all the talk about whether or not she’ll appear in AEW on January 11 as Saraya’s mystery partner for “Dynamite.” Would Naomi attend that event in Los Angeles as well?

Her time with WWE, however, appears to have ended in the summer, freeing her up to work somewhere else even though her profile remains in the active section of Since she and Naomi walked out of a “WWE Raw” taping due to creative differences with officials. The company has made no official announcement about her status. Kairi will defend her IWGP Women’s Championship against Tam Nakano at Wrestle Kingdom, which would be expected to be Varnado’s debut for the firm

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