Why Is K-pop Idol Shownu Missing From His Movie Trailer?

Why Is K-pop Idol Shownu Missing From His Movie Trailer?

Monbebes (Monsta X’s fans) will be busiest in the last two months of 2021. Monsta X is generating back-to-back programming in addition to the typical concerts; radio broadcasts, and music festival performances.

In a month, they’ll release two albums: their second English album, ‘The Dreaming,’ and their tenth K-pop mini-album, ‘No Limit.’ Furthermore, their debut film, ‘Monsta X: The Dreaming,’ will be released; but member and leader Shownu appears to be absent.

Shownu is approaching the age of 30, which is the age at which all healthy South Korean males must enlist in required military service. Many of our favourite third-generation K-pop celebrities; such as members of EXO, Pentagon, and VIXX, have joined. Shownu was the first member of Monsta X to join the military; although working as a social worker, he has been surprising fans with pre-recorded performances.

Many fans were anticipating his appearance in the group’s sophomore English album and first film, ‘Monsta X: The Dreaming.’ Despite the fact that both English projects have been pre-recorded and involve Shownu, he is glaringly absent from the advertising material. Monsta X released the trailer for their documentary film ‘Monsta X: The Dreaming’ on November 18.

The five members — Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M.; — perform specifically for the film in the one-minute trailer. Shownu is out of focus, either hidden or in the background, in other images showing all six members practising in the past and on their global tours. However, his name appears on the film’s poster.

Fans Are Upset As Shownu Is Absent From His Own Movie Trailer

Some disgruntled fans began trending Shownu on social media, unable to understand why the group’s leader was absent from his own movie trailer. They went on to speculate that he might not appear at all in the finished picture. Other Monsta X fans and South Korean netizens gathered to try to figure out why the Monsta X member was missing. It is a South Korean rule that when a person is serving in the military; they are prohibited from working or earning anything other than the military income.

On the same day, EXO’s Baekhyun made headlines when his label was forced to remove his pre-recorded YouTube vlogs; that he had planned for fans while he was in the military. And, similar to Shownu, SM opted to remove his pre-recorded content so as not to cause any confusion.

Monbebes questioned if it would be the same for Shownu and if he would be absent from the entire film; because the profit would be created during his military service. SM did say, however, that there was no law prohibiting the recording and creation of a video prior to enrollment.

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