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Why Can’t The Boys Use The Comics Ending?

The Boys’ comic source material has a very dark ending, which the Amazon Prime programme can’t use for a variety of reasons. Eric Kripke’s live-action TV show is partially based on Garth Ennis’ comic book, with the series taking a far more caustic and sarcastic tone than the comics. With The Boys season 3’s impending contentious “Herogasm” arc, it’ll be fascinating to follow the narrative paths of the titular Boys, as well as every Supe who is presently a member of the Seven.

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) has had an interesting character arc on the show, with major changes in his personal goal and drive. Butcher’s objectives change after a few major events toward the end of Season 1 after he is driven purely by the desire to destroy the Seven and murder Homelander for supposedly murdering his wife Becca.

The revelation that Becca is under Vought International’s witness protection programme, as well as the presence of her kid with Homelander Ryan Butcher, adds layers of moral intensity to Butcher’s character development. Despite the fact that most of Butcher’s actions have been merciless throughout the series, it is nearly difficult for the creators to stick to the original ending because Butcher’s character in The Boys differs greatly from that of the comic series.

While Butcher’s character is defined by chaos and Machiavellian schemes, the second season of The Boys saw him emerge as a father figure to Ryan following Becca’s murder, which is both horrifying and endearing to watch. Despite his painful personal loss and understandable conflict over Ryan’s fate, Butcher decides to send the child to Grace Mallory and the CIA to protect him.

Butcher’s path in the comics is totally driven by anger and a mistaken belief of restoring order by murdering thousands of Supes in the process, as these developments do not occur in the original source material. The presence of Jack From Jupiter, a spoof of Martian Manhunter and Shazam, who murders Butcher’s pet dog, Terror, amplifies this. Butcher had a nervous breakdown after killing Jack From Jupiter, evolving into a bloodthirsty villain.

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