Who’ s going to be Edge’s Wrestlemania 38 opponent?

The latest telecast of Raw had Brock and Heyman’s verbal exchange, Finn Balor’s return and many more events but Edge’s promo segment on the latest episode of Raw created a lot of excitement amongst the fans. Edge’s mic-work is one of the best in the business. This time as well it was great and it added questions of who he is going to face at Wrestlemania 38.

The promo segement wherein he used catchphrases like “Phenomenol”, “Live Forever”, “Demon”, “Undeniable, smoke” basically was an indirect way of calling out wrestlers. Now these catchphrases have been used by wrestlers in the business and the promo was certainly hinted towards them. Lets make it simple “Phenomenol” meant AJ Styles, “Demon” indicated Finn Balor, “Live Forever” has been used by Damian Priest for a long time and “Undeniable, smoke” pointing towards Cody Rhodes. Now Edge can have a Wrestlemania worthy match with any of the mentioned. But what’s got fans talking about the promo is definitely AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes. Wrestlemania 38 does need a big match and Edge might just have come up with one.

Dream Match

Everyone saw Edge getting a thunderous ovation when returned at royal rumble event back in Royal Rumble 2020. After delivering spears the crowd was red hot when the saw Edge standing face to face against AJ Styles. They saw a glimpse of a dream match between the two veterans in the business. It hasn’t happened yet. And the dream match won’t get a bigger platform than Wrestlemania. These can deliver on the grandest stage of them all. It has all the elements required to be a blockbuster. AJ Styles though looks to be having a program with Damian Priest and in that case WWE fans and Edge might have surprise waiting for them.


The big news from outside of WWE was Cody Rhodes’ departure from AEW . After Edge’s promo speculations has it that Cody might surprise every one with his return to company where he started. This can again be a Wrestlemania worthy moment for the WWE universe. Cody accepting Edge’s challenge will have a big pop moment. Creating a big name for himself outside the WWE, a match against Edge will definitely be the right call as it will launch Cody for bigger things. WWE will get star-power and a full time performer in him.

Apart from these matches against Finn Balor who needs an opponent will be good and Damian Priest will also make for a good opponent. But this can be the case only if the two big options are not possible. WWE needs to bring out the best and so it either has to be a “Dream Match” or “Match having Surprise”. Edge’s promo has set the platform for something big and the wait will be worth it if the one of the big matches does takes place.

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