Who Killed Sara?, creator Manolo Cardona promises a second season full of answers

Fans were left scratching their heads when Season 1 of Who Killed Sara? ended last month — and not just about the Netflix series’ titular topic. Is Sara really dead? Is this one of the annoying unanswered mysteries? Is Elroy no longer alive? Whose remains can be found in Alex’s backyard? And what will Mariana do with Sofia’s child?

When Season 2 premieres on Wednesday, Manolo Cardona, who plays Sara’s vengeance older brother Alex Guzman, promises that “fans will get answers.” The actor teases that viewers would discover that Alex was not familiar with the real Sara.

Trilling Plot Twists

Cardona teases TVLine, “It’s a wonderful twist and a new adventure for Alex to really doubt what he thought he knew.” “Alex was wrong about Sara. She isn’t the girl he thought she was. In addition, a body has been discovered in his backyard. In Season 2, there will be even more amazing surprises to look forward to.”

Cardona, like viewers, says he’s been addicted to the soapy thriller’s plot twists. “I get excited for the audience every time I read a script that goes in a different direction,” he says. “It’s a lot of fun, and it’s been a fantastic journey.”

Season 2 will also bring more depth to the characters, as well as explore Sara and Marifer’s complicated relationship, according to Cardona. (Marifer is Diana the Huntress, as viewers discovered in the Season 1 finale.) Cesar Lazcano, the villainous patriarch, will also expose secret personality characteristics.

Cesar, according to Cardona, has a lot of layers, which makes him more interesting. “[Ginés Garca Millán] is an incredible actor who does an incredible job playing Cesar. The path his character takes in Season 2 will astound viewers.”

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