Who has accepted Edge’s WrestleMania Challenge?

Edge’s promo last week on Monday Night Raw had the WWE universe thinking abut who “The Rated R Superstar” was going to face at the upcoming mega event Wrestlemania 38. This week’s Monday Night Raw preview had advertised Edge’s open challenge. It was placed right in the main event of Monday Night Raw this week. Finn Balor and Damian just had their match for the United States Championship before the segment which was won by Finn Balor. So any on from them accepting the challenge looked unlikely.

Who accepted the Challenge?

The main event of Monday Night Raw started with Edge making his entrance to the ring. The crowd were all excited to see what he had to say. Edge hyped the crowd and asked wrestlers to accept his open challenge. “What’s happened to this place?” Edge said as he saw no one answering his call. The music started playing and out came “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles. The excitement just got doubled when the crowd saw AJ Styles answering the open challenge.

What happened next?

AJ Styles entered the ring and took hold of the microphone. He said what everyone saw coming “I accept”. Edge welcomed his decision and talked about how the two of them wanted to face each other. Edge also went on to say he dose not want AJ Styles who was lying in the Tag Team scene. As things were getting heated between them, what happened next is something no one saw coming. Edge attacked Styles, Styles tried to fight back but Edge turned heel and delivered a low blow to Styles. He followed it up with a chair shots right towards the head as he had done to Roman Reigns.

The segment was expected to be having surprises but it had more surprises than expected. AJ Styles accepting Edge’s open challenge and then Edge turning heel. Raw went off air after that. So as of this week Raw, Edge has delivered the first shot in the rivalry. This is just to be a heated rivalry with lot of words exchanged. Edge turning heel just makes this a lot more exciting in terms of storyline. This was definitely needed as this is more exciting than the face vs face match.

Other than this segment we had Finn Balor becoming the new United States Championship, The Street Profits defeating RK-Bro. Do not forget to watch the segment and Monday Night Raw. Follow all the action as WrestleMania 38 approaches near on WWE Network.


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